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Executive Chairman. A master at spotting new cutting-edge technologies and processes with high potential, and/or improved methods for industry. For more than 25 years, he has honed these skills, arranged numerous technology transfers and trade relationships, worldwide, from his office in Yokohama, Japan. Hans holds a Bachelor in economics and a Master in law from world accredited Goettingen University, giving him a solid business background. His heart, however, was also always very technologically oriented, starting with building his own airplane during his law internship. Therefore, with his present business, he in actuality, found his niche in the world. He is currently President of J.E. Access Ltd. (www.je-access.com), which he established in 1980 in Tokyo.

With the support of a talented technical and administrative staff, he represents overseas technologies to the complex Japanese marketplace and beyond. Currently, among many other tasks, his company in Japan represents the German State of Saarland in cross-national assistance for economic and political cooperation between Japan and Germany. He lists Ministers and Presidents among his associates and heads up Energy Visions - Japan Co., Ltd. Hans is accomplished at reading and writing Japanese and as such has written columns for newspapers and numerous business publications. He sat on many panels of symposia and lectured at universities. He holds many representation rights and marketing permits.

During the last 15 years he shifted his interest to environmental technology and has introduced new technologies and ideas in this field; from energy-saving roof greenery systems to insulation coatings. In autumn 2005, he heard about and investigated the development coming out of his native Germany. The advantage of utilizing waste, as opposed to fossil crude, was particularly promising. He immediately began assembling the highly qualified team members. Since then, he has been analyzing the technology looking for possible "downsides" of what some have deemed a system that is "too good to be true." We are happy to report that we have found none significant as yet. In the interim,

Hans presented the technology to several California State waste and environmental agencies, all of which enthusiastically praised the process as going in another direction from astablished alternative fuels.


Phil Boland.President and CEO
As a business strategy consultant and senior management executive, Phil has over 20 years' proven experience in accelerating an organization's growth through improved operational efficiencies, enhanced inter-departmental collaboration, open communications and rigorous cost control. Has successfully managed both domestic and offshore business and facilities operations, spanning such diverse industries as manufacturing, high-technology, wine, agriculture, warehousing/distribution, food processing, and research.


Vice President Communications
Throughout his long career, he has put in double duty as radio station staff, then builder and operator of nine radio facilities. He was formerly a producer for Dick Van Dyke, producer and writer of a four hour daily show hosted by a morning personality, and other notable talents. Joining American Broadcasting lead to becoming Chief Producer and Head of Production for ABC radio; KGO, San Francisco.

In 1972, he was invited to join a radio network in Japan that ran into a 28-year stint of radio, TV, production, newscasting, and voice-over for practically every Japanese corporate name. He eventually became Senior Broadcast Consultant for Japan's largest cable network, which he continues to represent, while servicing transmission contracts and trans-oceanic fiber networks around the world.

It was during this tenure that he met and formed associations with Hans Judek. Since then he has worked with Hans on several international projects, not the least of which is the CC technology.