Plant Waste

Wood boring inspects cause extreme damage to forests around the world.

Dendroctonus Ponderosae.In some areas, tiiny pine beetles (Dendroctonus ponderosae, right from have spread almost unchecked through mature pine forests for several years. Estimates in one are are expected to cover 9 million acres.

In Alaska, climate changes are adding to infestations of tree-killing insects, such as spruce beetles and spruce bedworm moths. More than 3 million acres of spruce forests have been killed in the past 15 years.

Infestation.In the United States, the Southern Pine Beetle has caused large losses of pine timber for decades, including stands of Southern yellow pines in the forests of Tennessee. And the Rocky Mountain pine beetle is wreaking havoc on Colorado's forests.

The result is heavy waste and wood damaged to such a degree that is is not usable for products or not exportable to traditional markets.

The Price of Downed Timber

Damaged timber is dangerous; dangerous to leave standing, dangerous to cut, and dangerous even after it is on the ground. It can add to erosion, poses a threat to waterways and wildlife, and the danger of wildfire is ever present around piles of damaged timber.

Governments pay millions of dollars to strengthen their timber industry; economic strategies include battling infestations, community support during down periods in employment, develop forest-pest management, clearing of downed forests and development of new businesses to strengthen the workforce.


Part of any comprehensive approach will include development of bio energy utilizing downed timber. New energy sources is one method of diversifying a region's economic base while developing and/or preserving new green technologies.