Company Philosophy

Gears.Company philosophy is based on social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and mutual respect. The company strives to maintain lean overhead and corporate responsibility.

Energy Visions maintains a structure that will encourage quality, along with esteem for customers, fellow workers, and the society we serve.

In this time of looming "peak" oil, brown air over major cities, and a "not-so-green" house above us, we applaud all of the many Americans seeking to find a better way; to offer up an alternative to the economic crushing, sulfur ladened fuel imported into the country daily at a high price.

For our part, the CC facility might as well be a grand pipe organ; it resonates so well with the hundreds of faces of those to whom we have presented it. The understanding of how it devours waste and produces fuel in it's place; the recognition that this result has superior properties directly beneficial to our society as well as the economy, seems to be a long awaited bonus to all that have previously heard about alternative fuels.

It is a radical transformation

While CC technology is fully able to convert these regrowth organics to quality diesel fuel, Energy Visions is focusing on the totally un-wanted commodity of waste, refuse, trash and garbage.

There is no planting and growing season with trash hauls. Dumps and landfills are a blight on our landscape and continue to bestow and perpetrate new harmful emissions to the "greenhouse" daily.

However, with trash, there seems to be an endless supply.